SAUNICE 'My Life in Harmony'

The harmony between the mind and body is very important for a healthy and happy life. Beauty & Wellness had a big boost and became very important in our social life. The choice of the product is very important at that specific moment. Using the right products that suit your mood, give that extra feeling. That is why Saunice developed a range of products with 6 different activities:

Softening: with Aloe Vera extract
Relaxing: with lavender oil
Exotic: with ylang ylang
Refreshing: with citrus fruit extract
Energizing: with eucalyptus oil
Stimulating: with rosemary oil

The aim of the Saunice Wellness gamma is not just to enjoy for a day but is offering the semblance that gives you the right motivation in these stressful times we live in. Together with our professional team our main objective is to offer you a complete gamma of products for personal or professional use. Obviously Saunice products are not tested on animals!! They don't content mineral oils & parabens. This is a decision from the development department to produce out of respect for the nature!







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